Sunday, May 5, 2013

April Photo a Day

I came across a photo-a-day challenge for the month of April.  I decided to try it out and get back into taking more pictures.  I missed more days than I remembered to take pics, but here's what I ended up with.

April 1 - fun (fun feeding her doll...after lots of reminders that we only pretend feed her.)

April 2 - jump (Me jumping for joy because I actually got a freezer meal ready for when it's moving time.)

April 6 - chore ( fixing the hinges on our kitchen door)

April 10 - three (three silly faces)

April 12 - brand (holding up the Target bag while sporting her new Target swim suit)

April 15 - number (the number of our hotel room at Legoland).

April 20 - in my town....(Festival of Books!)

April 22 - something I enjoy (naptime!!)

 April 24 - grateful for....(Hannah enjoying 'preschool' activities)

April 25 - hidden (my check off lists for moving prep)