Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Birthday Girl

I can't believe Sofia is 4.  For some reason it comes as a surprise to me that she is getting so big.  I feel like she's always been so little, but now when I look at her I realize she's growing up!!

Her birthday was the crazy day where Hannah was sick and the battery in our car died.  Luckily it was sunny enough to spend a little time outside.

She had lots of fun making and decorating her rainbow cake.  Can I just say that I love how easy it is to please the kiddos right now.  I know that will change as they get older...but for now a simple cake with lots of bright blobs thrilled her!!

She was pretty thrilled to have 4 candles on the cake.

There are always willing helpers for opening presents.
Our girls have officially learned that the boxes are deceiving.....no she did not get cheerios, but her very own package of gum and a doll house I bought from a friend!!


mokusakusensei--woods teacher said...

Yeah, your Aunt Karen always packs gifts in random boxes. Years ago she cross stitched little fridge magnets for my sister and put them in a cake mix box. The entire Christmas day my sister was confused as to why Karen would send her a cake mix. Always fun! Time goes so fast that in 8 short years she will be graduating from primary and going to young womans. It was not that long ago that you were at Yuba beach and would not let go of Tom.