Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rumpai's Visit!!

One of our favorite Thai friends came to visit. We spent Friday afternoon at the beach. We walked along the pier and had our first ride on the merry-go-round.  Of course, both girls loved it.  Hannah wasn't too willing to get off when it was all said and done.

James was willing to brave the water with the adventurous Hannah.

While I was happy to stay safe with Sofia playing in the sand

 We spent Saturday at Descanso Gardens

Here she is showing Hannah a magazine filled with pictures of Thai food.  Hannah was pretty intrigued (anything involving food!!) and kept asking, "Is it spicy?"

It was so fun to see her.  Now, it's our turn to visit her!


Tom and Shauna said...


I met a threesome from Thailand at Verseilles in Paris. It was fun talking with them and they took my picture with their father. They were impressed I had been to Thailand.


Steve & Shauna Flammer said...

very cute pictures, I love the one with the girls holding hands.

Scott said...

Holy Cow! That's awesome that Rumpai paid you a visit! And your girls are adorable!

Thinking of you,