Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We're Moving!!

We're moving and we're pretty excited about it.

* Rent is the same price
* It's smaller - a STUDIO!!!! 
* There is no washer and dryer in the apartment complex
* There is no parking with the apartment (but it is close to the Institute and we can park there)

All of these things might make you wonder why we're actually excited about this.  Here are a few reasons why we're so dang excited to move:

* the cops arriving at 2 am to break up domestic violence disputes (at the neighbors, not ours!)
* the parties thrown with loud music and lots of drunk neighbors
* being right next to the Institute and campus.  I average about 3 days a week going to the Institute (for meetings, church, activities, etc...) and it's such a nuisance to spend 20-30 minutes for it.
* being able to meet up with James for lunch occasionally because it's within walking distance!
* there will be some other lds friends within walking distance
* there will be a park closer to us
* we can run with James in the mornings around campus
* there's a security guard right on the corner of the street
* we are ready to be done with cockroaches and mice. VERY ready!!

We are really looking forward to it, but there will be a few things we will miss:

The breeze - it's always lots cooler in our apartment than it is outside, and there's almost always a breeze.
The covered parking garage


Tom and Shauna said...

Best wishes on the move. I think you will be in a much better location. When we visit, we can also park at the Institute instead along the street.