Saturday, November 26, 2016

July Little Things

July turned into a crazy month for us.  At 3 weeks the Dr okayed Tanner to fly to Utah.  So, James drove with the 3 big kids while Tanner and I flew.  It was supposed to be a quick trip, but turned into a long trip.  James ended up flying home and the kids and I ended up staying for 6 weeks!!  A lot happened in the 6 weeks.

TJ turned 3 and had his traditional pancakes. 

We went for several bike rides...with James doing most of the work.

There was lots of piano practicing pounding.

Tanner really liked racing cars.  I think that was his first real smile.

We had some last minute cow costumes.

TJ went for a few motorcycle rides.

Hannah liked playing dress up with Aunt Becky's fun clothes.

Tanner was blessed.

I had somewhat matching outfits for the kids and had hoped to get a picture of them all together, but by the time I was done taking Tanner's photo TJ was covered in mud.

There was lots of time spent at the nearby parks.

Grandpa reading to the girls. 

There was lots of fun at the 24th of July parade.

Tanner was fussing while I was changing his diaper (yes- his diaper changing station was on top of the dryer at Grandma and Grandpas).  TJ found a toy and climbed up to try to play with him.

We visited Park City with cousins.  The Olympic Stadium was lots of fun.

We also went for a hike at one of the ski areas.  I wasn't very prepared...all 3 of my kids had flip flops...but they were troopers.

Sofia was the flower girl.  She loved picking flowers.

A selfie with me and my boys....Tanner's just hiding under the carrier.  He was also a trooper.  He went a couple of hours without eating until we made it to the top.  Hooray!

TJ still hadn't learned to go to the bathroom standing up.  We had at least 3 attempts to go to the bathroom on the trail....all 3 unsuccessful.  As soon as we got to the bottom and he had a toilet he went immediately.

Back in Logan we went to visit the temple.  I love letting the kids touch the temple.

 Here we are sending kisses to dad who spent 4 weeks as a bachelor back in Arkansas!!


Linds said...

I kind of forgot about blogs for awhile there but I had fun catching up on yours just now. Your kids are so big! (I know, standard line, but its true. I was noticing how much older Sofia looks in particular.) I love the cute pictures of you too, its been too long since I've seen you. Anyway, glad things seem to be going well.

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