Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Parade Fun

This past weekend our neighborhood had some Pioneer Day celebrations.  Included in this was a parade.  So, Grandma, James, and I ventured out with the little ones to watch the parade.

I forgot to get a picture, but it was our first time testing out our new baby worked like a charm!

The girls were very excited.  They even wore their new cowgirl hats in honor of the parade.  Sofia was really concerned about hers falling one hand held it on, while the other picked up candy.

 At first they were a little hesitant to run out to get the candy that was thrown at them....
 ...but those reservations shortly wore off.  We had to call Sofia back several times because she started going too far to pick up candy.  Pretty soon the hats were converted into carriers for the candy.

We decided sitting at the front of a small-town parade is the way to go.  This is the loot the 2 girls picked up in just 20 minutes

Monday, July 29, 2013

Morning Time Reading

Here's what our mornings usually look like as we read scriptures together...

I dare say they like their daddy.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Few of our Favorite Things

There are a lot of things we miss about L.A:
*amazing prices and variety of produce
*our own space - even though it was tiny, it was ours
*being able to walk most places - I only used the car probably twice a week compared to twice a day here.

I have been rather bummed about our in-between stage of life and wondering how long we will be stuck in it, but there are lots of great things about living here.  Here are a few of our favorite things:

*traffic - doesn't exist.
*being outdoors- the mountains and trees are beautiful, even if they are turning brown due to drought.  It's nice to have it be quiet and breathe fresh air all the time.
*parking spaces - they feel monstrous
*every store has nice, clean bathrooms with diaper changing stations and lots of them even have small sinks for little kids.....everything is so child friendly.
*shopping carts - they feel gigantic after the ity bity ones in the city and most stores have fun carts for kids with steering wheels or something of that nature.
*so many parks - although I feel like we have to drive to get to most of them, there are tons.  I guess there's a large supply because of the large demand!
*so many kids.  SO MANY KIDS and PREGNANT women.  I still haven't gotten used to how many kids there are around.  I used to get stared at for having 2 and a baby on the way.  People thought we were crazy.  Now, we are in the minority....we don't have nearly the average number of children.  :D

Friday, July 19, 2013


I'm always talking to the girls in the car as we drive...or should I say they are always talking to me?!  Anyway, I have to laugh about our conversations.

They used to consist of:
"Look at the skyscrapers, traffic, ambulance, fire truck, crane, etc....."

Now they've turned into:
"Who can find the horse, llamas, cows, sprinkler pipe, etc....)

The other day on our way to the park we were passed by a trailer loaded with goats and another loaded with rams.  Once we got to the park, we saw a deer there.  Crazy!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Park Fun

I finally fiddled with the settings on my camera and got them back to I've finally gotten my camera off of auto and have been trying to get back into the hang of using it again.  Here are some pictures from the park:
We spend at least half an hour on the swings every time we go.  They sure have fun on them, but so much for getting any exercise and energy out!!

Hannah making her very own pie:

Sofia after eating her pizza creation

After a while they make their way to the slides

Don't you love Hannah's outfit?  Can you tell I've reached the point of not caring...about most anything...least of all how she's dressed.  At least they are clothed!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Delivery

Warning: this post contains more information than you probably want to know.  There.  I've warned you.  I don't know what it is, because I'm not a blood and gore kind of person, but I always love hearing peoples delivery experiences.  Plus, I want to record here's a condensed version of what happened.  Don't read if you don't want!
For the past week I had been having contractions pretty consistently (2-5 min apart) on and off.  There have been at least 3 times I've thought this is it....they're getting more intense...this is the real thing.  Then, after a couple of hours they would die off.  Really?  Baby #3, wouldn't you think I'd know if I was in labor by now?  Hah. 
July 2nd:  At my dr appointment, I was dilated to a 4 and the dr told me to come to the hospital once I've had them fairly intensely for over an hour straight....she didn't want a baby born in the car.  And she said he could come any time.
July 3rd: 
6:00 pm: I had contractions just a few minutes apart for a few hours then they started to get more intense.  After an hour I told James.  We finished dinner, went on a walk with the girls, then got them ready for the bed, then we were off to the hospital.  Only problem, they slowed down once we were on our way, so I wasn't sure if it was real or not.
8:30 pm:  After checking into the hospital I was at a 4.5 so they put me on the machines to be monitored.  At this point I was still having regular contractions, but not very intensely.

10:00 pm:  I was still a 4.5 but this time the sac was bulging.  They checked with the on-call Dr.  He wanted to watch me for a while and see what happened.  Now my contractions are more sporadic but much more intense.

11:30 pm:  I'm at a 5.  They call the Dr and he wants to watch me for a couple more hours, so we get ready to settle in for a while.  We try to get some sleep, but those darn contractions make it rather difficult for me...and the couch James is on doesn't look to comfortable.  I was in some pain, but not that minute I would be certain this baby was coming soon, then the next I would question if I was in labor at all.  The mind does funny tricks!

Thursday, July 4th:

2:00 am:  I'm dilated to a 6.5. but was very wrestles, so I started walking the halls, bounced on the exercise ball, etc....for a few hours while the contractions were still sporadic, but much more intense.

4:30 am:  No progress.  Bummer.  We decide to wait 1 hour (until a more reasonable hour) then have the Dr come in and break my water.

5:30 am:  No progress.  We call the Dr in.  He comes a few minutes later and breaks my water.

6:30 am:  The contractions are much more intense and closer together, but no progress.

7:30 am:  We begin pitocin.  Contractions intensify some more and are back to back.

After walking around and switching positions I am very slowly dilating, but am running out of strength and begin asking about drugs.  James convinces me to make it through 2 more contractions and see how I feel...we play that game for a while.

10:00 am:  I decide if I haven't had any progress I'm going to have some drugs to take the edge off.  They check and I am a 9 so they call the Dr in.  I was starting to hyperventilate from all the deep breathing, so they gave me an oxygen mask to help.  I was getting numb and my hands/feet were getting pretty shaky.  Luckily, it was almost over.  After a couple more contractions I begin pushing.  He was facing the wrong direction so our dr had to turn him (rather unpleasant).  He was lots bigger than our other 2 and it hurt a lot more to push, but luckily it was only 20-25 minutes until his arrival.  And it's a good thing...I was dead.  I had no arm strength to hold him, so they had to prop him up on me.

It was a slow process that I don't care to repeat any time soon, but we made it.  James was wonderful!!  He was so good about trying to distract me, or helping me relax, or reminding me to breathe.  I'm glad it's over and we're all healthy.  I feel pretty good now and have had a quick recovery.  Now, here's to keeping him alive with 4 little hands helping!

Monday, July 8, 2013

2 Little Babies

The girls have showed a little regression since TJ arrived......

Okay...mostly they've gotten out a 2nd car seat and a 2nd crib for their dolls to put right alongside TJ, but occasionally Sofia gets to be the baby.  :D

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our Little Guy

Introducing the newest member of our family.  Born July 4th.

Our last family picture taken on July 3rd right before we put the girls to bed and left for the hospital

Here he is after arrival

...and after being cleaned up a few hours later

 Here the girls are when they came to visit him.

 Here we are right after getting home

The girls impatiently waited their turn to hold him:

 Our updated self-taken family photo
 not the most flattering of angles, but it works.  I imagine more details and photos will come soon.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Keeping Cool

After 3 years in the amazing Southern California climate we've become pretty soft to extreme weather.  This triple digits is getting to us.  Our solution: the sprinklers.  We swapped some clothes for swim suits and headed to the front yard to cool down.  I strategically placed the hose so it was in the sun, but I could stand in shade nearby....good thinking.

Hannah had no reservations heading straight into the water.
 As a side note...she is sporting her brand new prescription sun glasses.  Yay!

After a little encouragement Sofia joined in the fun

By the end, she was very comfortable.  A little too comfortable, perhaps?
I'm thinking there are a few dry spots in the yard that could use a little extra water...and it is pretty hot today....hmm...