Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2015 Year in Review

We rang in the new year with some sparking cider at about 7 pm on New Year's Eve. (Yeah - we're exciting like that!!!)  We also talked about some of our memories of the past year.  It was really interesting to see what stuck out to the kids.

* an awesome kindergarten teacher for Hannah
* Packing up to move back to Utah
* Unloading all of our stuff and visiting Utah for the summer instead
* the battery dying in our car along with a flat tire in James' bike followed by jump starting the car with a sick Hannah to take James to work on Sofia's birthday
* James rollerblading the 6 miles home with a very heavy battery in his backpack.
* a stolen bike (the day before moving)
* both girls learning to ride their bikes without training wheels
* Moving back to Arkansas
* opening the business
* James getting his first 'real' and permanent (or at least long term) job
* Hannah starting at 2 new schools for 1st grade
* Joy School for Sofia
* Baby # 4 coming
* Mini van!!!
* Going to Houston to visit family
* Hannah loosing lots more teeth
* Hannah's 1st birthday party at age 6
* House shopping