Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I think we have made it.....I think we are finally over jet lag.  We had
* 36 hours straight of no sleep
* got 2 hours the 1st night home
* woke up at 1:30 the next morning
* woke up at 2:30 the next morning
* the trend continued until this morning.....we slept until 6:00.

Wahoo!!!  The joys of travelling with kids!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Goodbye Turkey

We are saying goodbye.  It has been an adventure with lots of ups and some downs.  We're excited to return home, but sad to leave some things behind.  Here are a few of the great (and not so great) things we're saying goodbye to:

* the kindest people ever
* neighbors that love our kids
* neighbors that feed our kids candy, chocolate, and ice cream any opportunity they have
* the almost daily walks to the market to buy something
* an awesome bread slicing machine at the store
* celebrity status (the kids might have culture shock when they realize not every single person wants to talk to them and take their photo!)
* Turkish women reprimanding my mothering
* call to prayer (I like it, but James doesn't really like being woken up at 3:30 am).
* a very simple life (maybe a little too simple?)
* no one to talk to
* 5 flights of stairs lots of times a day
* chaotic driving and CRAZY pedestrians
* church on our own (thank goodness!!)
* propane tank for our cooking
* nasty cheese
* friendly strangers giving our kids candy
* neighbors above/below/next to us that sleep in many hours after we've been awake
* crazy adventure

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Culprit

It must be the washing machine that’s the culprit.  I always thought it was the dryer that ate the socks.

Now I know better.  Considering we have no dryer, it must be the washer.