Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Summer Snippets

I haven't taken a picture since we got unpacked here.  We've been here 6 weeks now, so I figured I should probably break out the camera and document life.

I actually got the camera out, but never quite got around to taking any pictures.  I did, however decide to post some random shots I got of the summer.

Having fun with cousins.

 Here Sofia is playing the 'sleeping' princess until Ellie wakes her up.

 I'm pretty sure that dress and fairy wings were worn about every day!

 We spent some time camping with cousins

 Who knew little helpers could make the painting project so much easier?!

Surviving the Ogden temple open house on my own.

Once we did get moved it was a week until we got our stuff.  The girls were pretty excited.  Actually, so was I.  Some of this stuff has been in storage for 7 years!!!

This box contains everything we own.  And you know what?  For not having a lot, we kind of have a lot.

The girls were pretty excited to play with 'new' toys.