Friday, June 26, 2015

She's 6!!

Hard to believe this little one is already 6. 

Here's an update on the birthday girl.  She:
* is the one we can count on to make a good choice
* usually listen to us
* is so imaginative....I love listening to her and Sofia play
* can be a little bossy from time to time (she is an oldest child, right?!)
* is very quick to report someone doing something bad
* is definitely very motherly to TJ
* so helpful to have around
* loves music.  She always wants the radio on - and she wants it loud.  She picks up in the lyrics to music after just 1 time listening to a song (which is a little scary).
* loves all things crafty.  From coloring to painting to making jewelry....she loves it.
* is VERY indecisive.  Must be a genetic thing.
* has such a hard time making a normal face for pictures

On her actual birthday we had cupcakes with some ice cream.  She got to open up her gift from us:

Pink Cowgirl Boots.  She asked for these months ago.  I said, 'No way." Not a necessity and soo expensive.  But she really wanted them.  So we created a chart full of squares.  Each square was worth $.50 and each time she did an extra job (you know...above and beyond the expected work at home) she got to fill in the square.  When the chart was full we would get the boots. I figured she'd either work hard if she really wanted them or give up. She spent about 2 months working on the chart and had it about 2/3 full when we came out to Utah for the summer.  She did her fair share of mopping the floorboards - it's a pretty good task for her that I hate doing.  Win-win! When I saw she was still working on it and wanted them 2 months later I figured we could get them for her for her birthday.  She was pretty excited about them.

She had her first birthday party.  Ever.  She was pretty excited.  We invited all the nearby family so there were a bunch of cousins....but didn't take a single picture.  I did manage to snap a picture of the cupcakes when we finished decorating.

Let's not look too closely at the frosting job.  Luckily Hannah was happy with it!!

It was fun to celebrate with her.  It was even fun to plan a little party.  But I am glad she knows she's not getting one for at least another 3-4 years.  We're kinda mean like that!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Phone Pics

My goal was to do a monthly post of pictures off of my cell phone.  I love my dslr for pictures, but it seems like the phone ends up taking most 'real life' pictures.  Anyway...I didn't meet my goal.  Here's many months worth of photos.

A little bike riding in the pj's.

2 very tired girls after a good hike!

Awful pic, I know....but I love that TJ likes to be in the mess when James is working on a project.

Proof of child labor.

Even more proof...he loves to be right in the action in the kitchen too.

TJ gives great snuggles, especially when he wakes up.  He usually wakes up pretty early.  Sofia too. This particular morning Sofia got to participate in the morning snuggles.

Once they were awake they got to try out the balance beam (at cousins house).  Yes that is a banana in his hand.  Yep, they're definitely monkeys.

This is how to watch a video when your car is old and broken and the windows won't roll gotta have it dark so you can see.  As a side note we wised up and tucked the blanket into the door on our next trip.  Our car does have 3 doors that actually work properly. :D 

Thumbs up after getting a text from her favorite aunt Cassie on her 4th bday!

The new style of rollerblading to work with a bike tire attached to your backpack.  That's how you get around when your bike tire goes flat on the way to school and you've only got 1 car with a wife who needs it.

Enjoying the rides at the mall.  Our kids seem to have as much fun as the other kids who actually get to put money into the machines.......:D

They're really excited to wear the new pajamas Grandma Flammer sent for Christmas.

This is the manly way to sharpen pencils.

Happy bday to me.

Best part about baking!

'Free' face painting and balloons only cost us $5000 for a car.

Too tired to eat lunch.

Last day of kindergarten with the best teacher ever!