Sunday, February 28, 2016

Signs I'm pregnant

** I wrote this several weeks ago and just never posted.  It's slightly outdated, but still oh soo true.  It makes me laugh to read **

I'm not trying to complain.  It may sound like that, but really I'm just trying to show what life has been like the past few months.  To me it's in more of a humorous tone than a complaining one.

I don't care about anything.
I don't care what anyone wears - I'm just glad if everyone has clothing on
Baked goods sound disgusting (make me want to loose what's in my stomach when I think about baking)!
Food in general still sounds awful
I'm thrilled if kids have 1 serving of veggies each day - because as mentioned above, I don't care about anything.
I eat about 3 snacks during the night to make it through the night
The minute TJ is in bed for his nap I'm in bed for my nap
I've actually asked TJ if he wants to play with water/bubbles in the sink (usually a major no-no) to keep him busy
TJ spends half of the day in his underwear
Our disaster of a garage hasn't been bothering me - it takes too much energy to care about.  :D

 I wrote that list a few weeks ago.  Now I'm feeling better.  Still not 100% but I feel human again and as normal as I'm going to feel before I turn into a balloon!!

* I care more about my kids appearance.  I made Hannah change out of her leggings with a hole in them before school the other day.

* I make Sofia turn her clothes right side out before we leave the house.  I still let he wear her shirts backwards most days - some battles just aren't worth it!

* Baking sounds good in the morning or when I'm planning food on the calendar - but by afternoon it sounds like too much work and makes my stomach queezy.

* A lot of foods actually sound good.

* Salads and vegetables have been re-entered into our diet on a more regular basis.....still not as much as they used to be, but we're heading in the right direction.

* Our garage has now been straightened out - not thoroughly cleaned, but straightened out.

* At least half of the time I make it through the night without any food.

* TJ is usually dressed before lunch.

I still don't feel absolutely great.  Mostly my energy level is so low.  In past pregnancies I've completely had my energy back by this point.  But not with this one.  I'm wondering if that's just my bodies way of preparing me for life with 4 kids.  :D

Friday, February 5, 2016

December and January Little Things

I think I'm officially the worst person ever at taking pictures.  We have a whopping 5 photos on my phone to show what we did for the entire month of December.  I'm hoping I got a few more on my 'real' camera, but here are the cell phone pics for December and January.


Seeing the lights in downtown Fayetteville!  It's not quite temple square, but it's still lots of fun.  We were all bundled up to keep warm in the 50 degree weather!

Christmas morning we drove to Houston to visit my brother and his family...The only time I pulled out my camera was when TJ and another cousin were jumping on the tramp.  Man oh man, do our kids like the tramp.


Grandma and Grandpa came for a quick visit.  With them came lots of surprises including hair chalk and accessories for the girls (compliments of an aunt that likes to spoil).  Hannah opted for pink. Sofia blue.

We finally made it up to Crystal Bridges Museum (my first official trip to Benntonville!!) and spent most of our time in the kids room.  They had fun.

James had orientation for 150ish international students.  We went to a social one night and visited the photo booth.  The picture wasn't too successful, but the girls sure thought the mustache was pretty funny.

James was working on a project (a gate for the business) and it was around 12 degrees this is what our kitchen looked like for the day.

Just some wrestling with the kids.  Not sure who's winning.  Sofia, maybe?

Sofia taking my fitbit and trying to get in a few extra steps for me.

We made a very quick trip to the Kansas City temple.  This is what it looked like as we were leaving that night to head back home.

Sofia just wanted to do something nice and so she helped me by cleaning a few dishes and the sink....the amount of suds may have added to the fun!

We spent a couple of hours at Lowes picking out a ton of wood.  After a while the kids started playing.  Hannah was serving us up some ice cream from her shop.

This is what $600 of wood looks like.  Not as much as you'd think, right?!  But, it should be enough to build our Queen bed with drawers underneath, TJ's twin bed with drawers, and a coffee table trunk with storage inside.  Here's hoping!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


We found out today that baby #4 is going to be a boy!!  And my due date stays at July 1st!

After my Dr appointment I took TJ and Sofia to do a little baby brother shopping.  They each picked out their favorite item.

This morning all 3 of them voted for a baby girl, but none of them seemed too disappointed when they found out it was a boy.  TJ was pretty pleased, although he did inform us he's not going to share with a boy!