Friday, February 20, 2009


I haven't posted anything, because nothing really exciting has happened. James has been working and I've been trying to keep myself busy. Some days I accomplish a lot, some days I don't think I get any work done. Here are a few of the very very exciting things I've been up to.

* Got a sewing machine
* Sewed my first item (curtains) with the new machine
* Done lots of cooking and baking. Some has actually turned out well, some not so edible. :D
* Found somewhere to let me volunteer each week. Yay!
* Gone through all of our Thailand pictures.
* Finally got back into the habit of daily exercise.

Now, on to the list of things I want to get done in the next couple of weeks.

* Go to Arizona to feel warm again.
* Scrapbook all of our Thailand pictures.
* Make bedding for our newly purchased crib.
* Get together with our long lost friends.
* Buy a car


Linds said...

Maybe you could combine a few of those items, like get together with long lost friends in warm Arizona! Spring break is coming up: )Sorry I have become one of those long lost friends even though we live in the same town. I have been meaning to call you for, oh, about a month now and never do. Lame! But I promise I will do my best to get myself out of the "long lost" category:)

Elise said...

I am inpressed! I have a sewing machine, but it never gets much more technical than hemming some pants. It was great to see you guys again!