Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Hannah!

So, the first couple of months everyone would ask me if Hannah was a good baby. Hello, she is my 1st and I have nothing to compare to, so I basically have no idea. After a few months of experience and watching other babies around me I've decided that Hannah was kind of fussy. Not scream all day and night fussy, but always hungry and wants to be held fussy. I got sick of holding her all day and never getting anything done. When people would tell me I was lucky I had such a good baby (she always seemed to be good during church) I kind of wanted to poke their eyes out. But, the past month or so she has gotten so much better. She can sit in the bouncy seat or swing for a few minutes and be content. She smiles a lot at us and doesn't fuss nearly as much. It's amazing. She really has become a happy baby! Hooray. I actually agree when someone tells me I'm lucky. Now, I just need to master nap time.


Elise said...

I'm so glad! That must be so fun and a little breath of fresh air. It's amazing how different each baby is and their temperaments. Good luck with nap time! I hope that one works out for you because it can really be a lifesaver, and sometimes you just need that little break. :) I was so glad when Braden settled into a good routine and I finally figured out how his little schedule worked!