Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Week of Photos

We got a DSLR a while ago (I'm ashamed to admit how long we've had it for how little I know about using it).  Anyway, I spent some time learning how to use it and felt like I was getting comfortable, but then forgot.  Sounds lame, but I didn't use the camera it was just easier to leave it in "auto" mode.

I've been back in auto mode for a while, but finally decided to learn how to use the camera for real this time.  So...I got a new book from the library, did some reading, and lots of practicing.  My goal has been to use the camera every day so I get practice and don't forget how to use it (thanks for the idea Rhonda).  

I did pretty well this last week.  I used the camera all but 2 days.  I had strep throat, so I figure that was a decent excuse.  Anyway, here are a few random pictures of the past week.  Keep in mind, I'm focusing on getting the hang of the camera, so they're definitely not award winning photos.

Hannah suddenly took a new interest to her USU t'shirt and refused to wear anything else.  I have no idea where it came from, but figured Grandpa would be happy to see it.

 Sofia's playing with her sand toys in the rocks.

 The girls were playing in the 'office' and giggling up a storm....they both had huge grins on their faces....which I missed because it was so dark I was trying to figure out how to change the ISO on my camera...I missed the smiles, but did find the ISO.

All I've read says that bright daylight is actually bad for pictures...I figured the photographers were probably right, but I wanted to test it out for myself just in case..........and I now agree it's not the best, but that's when we spend most time at the park, so we'll just make do.

Sofia has the funniest expressions

 Here's Violet, our cute friend we played with at the park this day.  She's not too happy about the swing, but it crack's me up how tightly she's holding onto the sand toys.

 Here's Hannah hard at work on play dough

Sofia is really serious about her pom poms.  I love the concentration.  I took the pom poms to church hoping they would keep her entertained like they do at such luck.  Bummer.

After a week of photos my verdict....I'm never going to be professional, but I would like to take better photos and I think I'll get there eventually.  In the meantime....we need to convince James we need a new lens.  :D


Afton LeSueur said...

I think the pictures look great! Good job!

Natalie said...

Hannah's USU shirt came from us, but was a gift from someone - Dad I think.

Steve & Shauna Flammer said...

Britt these pictures are great, keep posting.