Sunday, September 21, 2014

Before I Forget

I have a ton of phone pictures from the past few months.  I had planned on uploading them each month to document life, but that never happened.  I figure if I don't do it now it won't ever happen.  I had formatting issues, so some are not right side up.  I gave up trying to fix it.  So here goes....

We spent lots of time on airplanes.  The girls did pretty good staying entertained.

I love Sofia's sense of style.  Totally awesome. It's a good thing she's the second child....I never would have let Hannah leave the house like this.....funny how perspective changes over time. :D

Kisses for the hard work making the snowman.

Attending our first Turkish birthday celebration.  It didn't start until about 8 pm and they ate cake before food.

Entertainment while visiting dad at work.

Probably the most ghetto park I've ever been to.

The best part about walking to the city was going on the overpass and looking out over the city.

Sofia getting lots of attention from random Turkish students.

Hannah enjoying the personal attention as well.

This is what happens when we are at the park.

They like kids and they LOVE babies.

A beautiful dirt road the gps took us on as a shortcut.

The usual arrangement on the airplane.

My favorite seating arrangement on the plane.

TJ jamming to the music while we are playing at a mall trying to kill time while James is presenting.

Who knew hour glasses could be so entertaining?!

Unfortunately they now know that the toys in the mall will move if you insert money.  Fortunately, they still have fun even with no money.

Visiting the Cache Valley Fair!

Waiting at the hospital for the tonsils to be taken out!


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great memories.