Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Change of Attitude

Most everything in life that really matters to me is pretty darn good:

* our family is healthy
* we have good kids
* my husband works hard and loves me and the kids
* we have had some amazing adventures
* I love both of our families and we have their support
* the gospel is a major anchor in our lives
* we are able to live within our means

The list could go on....and on.....and on.  Life is so good in so many ways, but that being said sometimes life just kind of sucks!!

The one area of frustration- finances!! I'm tired of being poor.  We have had many adventures and we have made lots of sacrifices (studio apartments, living in the ghetto, walking up 5 flights of stairs to get to our apartment in a country where we can't communicate at all, using a laundromat, sharing a car, never eating out, not spending money on anything we want, no tv, no cable, cheap phones, an old car, 3 kids in the back seat of that old car....this list could go on and on too)......

...I feel like we've paid our dues and should now be able to live comfortably.  At least we should be living above the poverty line.  Isn't that what the sacrifices were for?

Basically, everything in life is good, but I'm so tired of living of off so little that I've been letting it get to me.  Eat at me....and it has begun affecting every aspect of our lives, in a bad way.

The other day I realize I needed an attitude change. I was listening to a podcast about finances.  The girl (whose blog/ideas I really like on really got to me.  I was irritated.  The guidelines she was giving for spending were way, way above what we can afford.  If most people spend the amounts she recommended on groceries, eating out, etc...they would save tons of money.  Not us....we were spending way, way, way less on everything.  Anyway....long story short I was getting angry...but something else dawned on me..... attitude stunk.  I was letting it eat at me.  So here's what I've decided.

No, it's not fun being poor.  But, that's what we are right now.  It's the circumstances we are in...and those circumstances will change.  James is looking for a better job.  There are possibilities for him to teach extra classes in the future.  There are things I am trying to do to earn a little more.  It's not my dream, but it's life.

The circumstances hopefully will change.  But, if they don't.....or if it takes a lot longer than I want.  It's okay.  I'm learning and growing in the process.

After all, the things I do have are pretty darn important and pretty darn good.

So, I've changed my attitude....and we're still poor.  But, it's amazing how life seems a little brighter.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Britt. You may be somewhat poor financially, but you are VERY RICH in all other ways. Gret example to all of us.