Friday, March 13, 2015

Snow Days

We had a few more snow days...I'm pretty sure they are the last.  Hopefully!!

There was enough to go play outside for a little while.  TJ is lacking in the snow clothes department so we don't last too long.  We come in for a few hours (enough time for everything to dry) then head out for a few more minutes.  We repeat that pattern at least 3 times a day!!

TJ did have fun playing in it and eating it...until his hands got cold.

Hannah and Sofia are pros at snow angels

They have become experts at building snowmen out of very small amounts of snow.

2 days straight without leaving the house.....makes me a little crazy.  I have no idea how we survived 6 months of very cold winter in Turkey!!  Thankfully the snow melted about 2 days later and we are now onto warm weather forecasts!!!!!!!