Saturday, May 21, 2016

March Little Things

Lots of time spent cleaning at the new house.  I had to take a picture to prove the amount of dust on EVERYTHING!!! Gross!
The kids went to work cleaning up pine needles while we tried to get work done inside the house.

James painting 18' up all by himself.  That ladder is resting on paint cans. 
We watched some friends and I had to document this.  There were 5 kids happily playing with the race track thingy.  The best $4 ever.
Sofia caught and tortured a lady bug.
First major demolition involved taking out this wall/shelving.  The girls were happy to help.
Just a little painting in the hard to reach spots.
I taped off the ceiling and was proud of my tape job.
The pulling up of the tile floor was messy business.  And a lot of work on James' part.
Pulling up the carpet was much easier work.
We spent lots of time at Imagine this month.  It was a crazy month with employees health/family issues.  The kids enjoyed it for the most part, but by the end of the month were saying 'Please don't make us go there to clean again!!!'
Easter Egg Hunt!
Who needs a tramp?  They had lots of fun jumping on the carpet piles.
This is us transporting 1000 SF of flooring to the house.
And following close behind James to make sure it all made it home.
Getting ready to put the flooring in.
We have a rule that all rocks/twigs/etc...from outside stays outside and doesn't enter the van. Sofia insisted on taking a picture to remember her twigs.
Here we are killing time at the temple.  Sofia got some pretty awesome bubbles.

Hannah getting braver and braver on the scooter.
We visited Liberty Jail.
And ate at Chik-fil-a for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! I know, we live deprived lives.  Our kids liked it.
Day 1 of actually installing flooring.
Me giving James some alone time to actually get work done at the house while we took advantage of a local easter egg hunt.
Too many days spent at the house fixing it up.  This is what happened too many times to TJ.
Kids helping me paint.
The tulips we planted for joy school last fall bloomed before we moved!
Another lady bug tortured by Sofia.
They were banished to the outside while I did the last cleaning of our old apartment inside.
This is what our air filter looked like.  We had taken the van to Sears for an oil change and asked them to check the filter.  They came back saying it looked great.  James didn't believe them so he pulled it out....this is what it looked like.