Thursday, August 6, 2009

Finicky Family Fun

Last week was our official family reunion. My siblings are spread all through the country and don't get together very often. We hadn't seen some in over 3 years - before Thailand. As always it was fun to get together. My parents house seemed a little to small at times for all 28 of us, but we survived. While everyone was here we took the dreaded family pictures. I don't have one with all of us yet. My sister is the family photographer but wasn't in the picture so she's doing a little photoshopping. However, we do have the individual families. I can't believe how big all my nieces and nephews are.
Jan, Jared and their 5 munchkins

Crazy Clint, Jana and their 4 cute kiddos

Jeromy with his 2 fun kids

Natalie, Jeff and their 4 squirts

Becky and her beautiful self

Adorable Hannah. I guess I should have put a picture of all 3 of us, but this is cuter.

Here are some random pictures of the different activities we did with everyone:

Hannah thoroughly enjoying the 24th of July parade. She slept through the entire thing. However, the other kids really enjoyed the candy and the different people.

Kayla's showing off her new flower hair clip. We did the activity for the 'girls' but it turned out to be more for the moms. Funny how that works sometimes.

Ashley's holding up her flip flops. This was another activity for the 'girls'. They really liked them and they turned out really cute. It seems like there's a predominate female theme.

Just a random shot of two dancing. I don't know why they were dancing, but it's pretty cute.

Here they are making funny faces at Tony's Grove. We spent a fun day hiking and playing in the water.

Don't ask. These three are just goofing off.

Here she's sporting the newly painted t-shirt. This was another kids activity, but it included boys and girls this time!

Here are some of my older nieces. I can't believe how much they've grown. Where does the time go?

It was fun to see everyone. There was a lot of chaos, but that's the way it goes when 28 people are sharing 1 house.


Natalie said...

Good to see some pictures!

Rebecca said...

Hey Brit,,,,
I asked if you could make a copy of all the pictures onto some c.d.'s and send them to me, well if you haven't already sent them to me why not make a few copies and send those to everyone and I will send a separate c.d. from the edited family pics. I know I'm being a pain but I'm kind of getting a little flack from everyone about no pictures. (Between not being able to fit them on a 4.7GB c.d., working, everyone's lives falling apart in a day and being seriously sick and a busted back I haven't been able to follow up much or talk to anyone about the pictures.)

Hermana McKenna Pitts said...

I need to just copy your post to my blog!

By the way, Becky didn't delete our pictures. She made a separate directory so Jared just thought the disc was empty. We found them. Although I am way excited to get our family picture. Maybe you could at least e-mail me that one.