Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fried Brain

I think I'm loosing my mind. Actually I think I lost it a while ago but I've blamed it on lack of sleep. I'm now realizing I'm just loony. All of our stuff is packed away into boxes in my parents storage room. There are a few things we have wanted but we've made due without because we don't want to dig through all the boxes. Well, next week I start online classes and I need my financial calculator. Of course it's in a small nicely labeled box among all of our stuff, we just don't know where. Needless to say we spend quite a while looking for it and finally, in the last box in the furthest corner of the room is the one we're looking for. Here's a picture of James sorting through our stuff:

We open the box and tada....there's the calculator. Only one small problem, it's a graphing calculator and I need a financial calculator. Oops. After thinking about it I used the financial calculator in Thailand and left it there. I knew that. My frazzled brain just chose to forget. On the bright side, we're much more familiar with where our stored goods are.


Bryce and Lacey said...

jhaha I don't know why I haven't looked at this post yet! The funniest thing about the picture is that half your stuff are in AlWAYS pad or tampon I'm curious to know what's in Brittany's treasures or truth box! good luck with sorting through things

Carrie said...

Too funny! One of the many joys of motherhood, losing your mind!