Monday, July 19, 2010

Random Pictures

We've been sick....and I'm sick of being sick. We've had colds and coughs and sore throats for the past week. James has been going to work but comes home exhausted. Hannah and I stay in the apartment all day and we're pretty sick of it, but don't quite have enough energy to go out and about. I think (maybe it's just wishful thinking) that we're on the mend. So, we haven't done anything lately. Here are just a few random pictures of Hannah from the past few weeks.

She loves playing with our pillows on the bed.

Here's our little jungle gym. :D

We successfully received our first mailed package. Our intercom works and I was home when the UPS guy came. Hannah loves playing with the box. It was the best toy for about 2 days.

She also loves playing in front of the mirrors. Good thing we've got lots of mirror with our closet doors. I'm pretty sure James is never going to see them clean. I clean him during the day when he's at work and there are always lots of handprints on them by the time he gets home from work. Oh well...she's having fun and I'm pretty sure he doesn't care.


Emily said...

When we first moved to Boston, we were sick for like a solid month!! Our Doctor said it was getting used to the new germs...hopefully you've caught enough germs! Hope you keep feeling well!

Tom and Shauna said...

Get better! Hannah is growning and we miss all of you. Thanks for sharing the pictures


Natalie said...

I actually laid a mirror on its side and put it near her toys and she loved it. She'd always look at herself it.

Rebecca said...

Isn't it amazing how the simple things in life amuse us? We all want the gadgets and gizmos but the things that always survive the test of time are the basics! (boxes, mirrors, lincoln logs, reading your stix, goin to church....) Always back to the basics!
Hey, totally opposite of the basics how do you feel about a cruise in September or October...I am so going and I need a shipmate, but I don't think James would enjoy sharing a room with me..I'm told I snore:D, and the fact that he's married to my sister!