Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Move

We were really excited to move.  Really excited.  But, as always, it was crazy getting everything sorted, boxed, cleaned, etc....the usual, boring moving stuff.  Somehow, the excitement of it all kind of wears off during that.

I tried to do as much as possible in advance.  Here's a look at our living/dining room 3 days before moving.

We had about 90% of our stuff packed.  I had to laugh because we didn't need many boxes.  We've kept all of our diaper and wet wipes boxes...turns out they came in pretty handy!

Here we are the day of just as we are getting ready to move out of the old apartment at about 6:00pm.

This is what our new apartment looked that night before we went to bed:

The next day James stayed home from work and we had a full day building, unpacking, arranging, unpacking more, re-arranging, unpacking some more....and re-arranging yet again.

Here's the elevated bed he made our first day:

Luckily the girls were big helpers.  They like to clean - apparently this is a gene that skips generations, but does come in handy sometimes:

Hannah's helping me vacuum and clean out our old cupboards

Here they are sweeping up some of the sawdust after assembling the new bed!

Hands down, this was the best part of the entire process...playing with the boxes!!

This was the last box left....we kept it for a day just to play with, but there's only so much room...and after a day I'd had goodbye boxes!!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you made it into your apartment. We look forward to seeing it. The new, high rise bed looks more like a Sofia Cell. Hopefully she gets out regularly on good behavior.

Gramps H.