Thursday, November 1, 2012

For the Record

I anticipate our next move (after James is done with school and hopefully has a job) will be to a bigger apartment with a washer and drier.  I know I'll be excited about it, but I know eventually there will come a day when I complain about laundry.  It's inevitable, I know it will happen when we have more kids and more laundry to do....I'm sure I'll complain.  So, I just want to document what laundry day is like right now so I can always look back and realize it could be worse.

There is a laundromat just across the street from us, so we can walk there.  This is how we get laundry.  Sofia still gets to sit in the stroller, but Hannah has been booted out of her seat to make room for the basket.  

Luckily it's only a short walk because I feel pretty ghetto and get a few odd looks.  Once we arrive the girls are pretty good about helping load the laundry.

It's an awful picture, but it's kind of dark inside and I only had one hand, and neither of the girls stay still for very long.

I didn't get a photo of their favorite part - getting quarters.  They love when I put the bills in and they get to pull out the change. The next favorite part is putting quarters in the machine:

I was holding Sofia so she could reach to put quarters in and Hannah was rather impatient, so she pulled the stroller over to climb up and reach on her own.

While the clothes wash we go for a walk.

We come back to switch laundry to the drier.

We go on another walk then come pick up our laundry to take home.

This is what the apartment looks like as I try to fold all the laundry:

The girls usually do pretty well through the washing/drying of clothes, but someone usually looses it while I'm trying to get everything folded.  Today it was Sofia:

Luckily Hannah was happily entertained making a bed for her doll:

So....for future record, I have nothing to complain about!


Alexis said...

I just have to leave a comment and say you are a trooper for doing your laundry like this! I think I might be complaining about it a lot, joining a nudist colony or making Brian come with me! Way to go! (just kidding on the nudist colony)

Linds said...

I just have to say I'm impressed that you were able to go through that process AND photo-document it at the same time. That is pretty amazing. I love that you got one of Sofia's meltdown :)

Natalie said...

The ONE benefit to doing laundry that way is you can do multiple loads at one time. But, yes, I'm thankful for my in home washer and dryer (especially since our dryer is currently not working and I'm hanging everything out to dry). Thankfully we've had a really warm fall