Tuesday, January 27, 2015

18 Months

 This little guy brings so much personality into the family.  He is so chill, yet has such a temper at the same time.  I never would have guessed those two traits could exist so strongly simultaneously, but apparently they can.

At 18 months this little guy:

* says un-oh for 'yes.'  It's really confusing to other people, but we're pretty used to it.  
* loves to wrestle - and he's not afraid of egging on either of his sisters.
* throws his food/plates/utensils to the floor when he's done
* still likes to bite, although it's becoming less frequent.
* is saying lots of words, but his most frequent one is Hannah
* knows exactly what he wants and will often kick, bite, or go limp when he doesn't get it.  Did I mention that all of the above are paired with some good, healthy screams?!
* avoids looking at the camera - it's so darn frustrating that it's kind of funny.
* likes to tease
* thinks the bed is better than a trampoline
* loves playing in deodorant...and rubbing it on the walls and his hair
* puts everything in his hair (vaseline, deodorant, stickers, glue, lotion...etc)
* LOVES babies.  
* melts my heart so often.  I think he realizes that I'm a lot softer than Dad (this is a hard spot for me because I feel like I've always been the strict one, but there's a definite soft spot for my little guy)

This little suit was supposed to be his Easter outfit (as in the holiday that's still 2 months away), but it's already a little snug, so I figured we'd better wear it while it fits. Anyway....his pot belly cracks me up.


Anonymous said...

Pot belly, huh. Can that possibly come from Grandpa H's side of the family?