Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Apartment

I took these pictures forever ago because several people have asked to see what our apartment looks like, but just kind of forgot about posting them.  They don't really do it justice, but it gives you an idea of where we live:

I've taken all the pictures standing in the doorway of the apartment.

Dinning Room:

Hannah was helping me work on a sewing project!

 Living Room/Office/Bedroom:
 The futon folds out into our bed and it's actually a pretty good bed

 I decided to take it from afar so you couldn't see any cockroaches!!

 You can see Sofia's pack n play under Hannah's bed

Here's an inside shot of the bedroom:
This is the bed James built last year during his semester break.  He loved doing it and we love the bed.  Hannah's mattress is in the corner and the rest is play space.  Hannah likes the play area and I love the extra storage space.

That's our 450 square feet of paradise!


Tom and Shauna said...

Such a small area, but you have done such a great job of making it homey and fun. Love Hanna's bed and play area. Great job James!!!

Natalie said...

That's exactly the thing Jeff would do.