Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Thankful Turkey

This is our Thankful Turkey this year.  Hannah had fun helping make it - and even more fun tearing it down.  Before throwing it away I thought I should document what we were thankful for.  Here's the list in a totally random order:

Overlapping naps for Hannah and Sofers
Marriage to Britt
Parking garage
Drive thru ATMs (anything drive thru for that matter)
Homemade lunches
Big shopping carts at Target
Free pressure cooker
Hugs at Institute
Amazingly large amount of storage in our small apartment
A small apartment for cleaning
My bike
Runs without the girls
TA position
Pretty flowers
Sunshine so we can go outside most days
Health insurance
Blue spoons in the milk carton (compliments of Hannah)
Hannah playing nicely with Sofers
Hot showers
Days of cooler weather for baking
Tuition reduction!!!
Being a dad


Anonymous said...

THis list is quite different from the one you had in Thailand. That really shows change and progress(I hope).

Gramps H.