Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Oh The Places You Can Go

We broke down and bought a high chair a while ago.  The girls were mildly excited about it until James turned the box into a car...then they were thrilled.  They have been on many trips with Dad pulling them, taking turns pulling each other, and pulling their dolls.  

After several weeks of playing with it, the car got put out with the garbage.  (I think it was the consequence for them not putting it away or something like that).  Anyway, a couple of days later they found the car sitting next do the dumpster, but not yet hauled away, and brought it home.  So, we still have the car.  I have now tried twice to get ride of it, but it's still around.  I daresay they like it.


CourtneyFJ said...

The smile shared between James and Sophia is priceless! So sweet!