Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Birthday Girl

Hannah turned 5!  I can’t believe she’s that old - it means we must be getting older too!!  She started the day off with her #5 pancake. The day was pretty low key - we spent some time at the park and at the grocery store. For dinner she chose chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy. 

Here she is.  It is a number 5 in case you were wondering.  James did a really good '5' but we had to move it out of TJ's reach and it got a little skiwampus.

After dinner we invited a couple of neighbors over for cake and ice cream.  She wanted a funfetti cake. I got a really good recipe for the cake from a friend.  The only problem is we don’t have a mixer and when the directions call for 6 minutes of whipping at low speed followed by 8 minutes at medium speed for the cake and similar for the frosting….your arms get tired.

One of our friends gave her a dress.  She promptly put it on!!  We got her a kid camera (thank you ebay and grandma and grandpa for bringing it).  She's been taking pictures since!


Steve & Shauna Flammer said...

such a sweetheart.

Linds said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! I also can't believe she is 5 but I am having a harder time processing the fact that TJ is walking around in the post above. Wasn't he just born?!

Love hearing about all your adventures in strange lands : )