Thursday, June 12, 2014


You ever have those blah days when you're tired, ornery, discouraged, irritable, etc....?  I was having one of those and was getting more irritated since I have so much I shouldn't be complaining.  Anyway, I decided to make a list of the things I was grateful for to make myself feel better.  It was therapeutic. And funny.  I was thinking of things throughout the day, so my train of thought kind of got interrupted a little.

1. a good night's sleep
2. eternal perspective of the gospel
3. family
4. health
5. dr's for when we are sick
6. kindness of the Turks
7. snuggles from TJ
8. washing machine - in our apartment
9. our washing machine is not coin operated
10. warm apartment
11. warm radiator that helps our clothes dry faster
12. girls like to play together
13. the girls' imagination
14. no debt!!
15. Hannah regularly sleeps through the night
16. kids that are relatively good eaters
17. toaster oven - i don't think we would have survived without some sort of oven
18. a husband that enjoys being a dad
19. a current job
20. past adventures
21. little moments that make me smile as a mom
22. playgrounds
23. jogging stroller (only 4 more weeks until we can use it again!!)
24. car
25. Turks love kids - therefore they don't usually cringe when we walk onto a plane or restaurant with the 3 of them.
26. only 5 flights of stairs to walk up to get to our apartment
27. TJ's development and growth
28. internet
29. books to read
30. I can play the 'dumb foreigner' card when Turkish women scold me about parenting (not warm enough, too hot, etc...)
31. friends we have made here
32. electronic pass to get our car through security to get into the housing complex
33. sunshine (in between the snow/rain)
34. preschool
35. spring weather
36. kids sleeping through the night
37. kindness of everyone here
38. medicine
39. good health
40. neighbor that knows Dr's at the hospital
41. western toilet
42. scriptures
43. internet
44. books
45. free ebooks from the library
46. morning runs
47. trips to look forward to
48. kids ability to appreciate the squat toilet
49. getting emails from people
50. vegetables


Anonymous said...

Nice thoughtful list. I know there are lots more things that can be added. Wish we were there to visit everyone.

Meredith said...

This is great. I love how most of the blessings of parents our stage center around sleeping and siblings being friends. Isn't great? One of the things I'll always be grateful for is everything I learned from you when we were neighbors.