Thursday, April 8, 2010


James has been working long hours lately down in Orem. As a result, he had a couple of days off this week. Hannah and I went down to Orem with him and stayed with my Grandma. Once James was finished for the week, we took a day trip into Salt Lake. We went to:

Living Aquarium - the penguins were our favorite
Clark Planetarium - awesome 3D movie and a swinging pendulum that still amazes James
Temple Square - always neat to walk around
Lion House - yummy, yummy lunch
Ikea - of course we had to get some swedish chocolate
Thanksgiving point - the gardens are so peaceful. Someday I want to see the tulips

We did all this with our connect pass. It's a pretty good deal. Of course, I took my camera, but didn't take a single picture. Go figure.

I did get a picture of Hannah with her great Grandma:

and one of all three of us:


Christopher Phillips said...

Hey Brittany- tell your punk husband the gig is up. I know that he is in Utah County and am going to track him down, whether he wants to be found or not...

Tom and Shauna said...

Great shots of the three of you. We should get Shauna in there to make it a 4 generation take.