Saturday, December 3, 2011

Science Center

This Thanksgiving weekend has been pretty laid back and relaxed for us.  James has been able to spend time on campus getting schoolwork done.  In honor of him finishing up on Saturday we met him at school and walked across campus to the Science Center.  The Center itself is neat, but they have a Discovery Room (aka Toddler Heaven) on each floor.  Can I say AWESOME!!  Anyway, I've taken the girls a few times, but James has never been to the Discovery Rooms so we decided to have a picnic and play.  It was pretty fun, but I didn't get any decent pictures, just a few random ones.

 This is the water fountain in the center of the Rose Gardens.  The building is actually the Natural History Museum, not the Science Center.  The Science center is adjacent to it, but the sun was too bright to get a picture of it.

 Hannah's listening to James who is talking to her from the other end.

 Here they are reading "The Three Little Pigs" and acting it out.

This happened to be the same day that USC played UCLA, so this is the tailgating that was taking place on campus as we walked by.  This is the view of the quad from James' office on the 6th floor of the Education Building.


Jelly said...

Looks fun. And warm! We're excited to see you guys in a few weeks!